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Vehicle Maintenance: Increase the Value of Your Car with These 5 Tips

Jan 16, 2014    //   

If you want to sell you car, we here at Autotrader offer you the platform to do so. You simply register on our website and provide details about your vehicle. Now, you would immediately think that minor things that need to be fixed should be left up to its new owners. In reality, that small scratch, that stain on the seat, and that tiny layer of dirt are telltale signs of neglect. In the end, this could cost you money. If you want to sell your car for more money, here are some vehicle maintenance tips that boost its value:

1) Keep it clean

The ever-changing weather and the dirt you get in general from always travelling leaves your car looking like it just made it through a battle. Debris sticks to the body of your vehicle and takes a toll on its paint job. Damage from rust deteriorates the frame of your car and can even cause lots of damages. However, all of these are easily avoided by regularly washing your car. You don't even have to use specialised items to keep it clean; there are other cost-effective solutions you can turn to.

As important as it is to clean the outside of your vehicle, you should apply the same diligence with its interiors. Yes, they may not be that visible to people on the outside, but a badly maintained inside significantly affects your selling price. So, make sure everything from the seat to the floor is spotless. Here are some tips to speed-clean your vehicle’s interior.

However, if you have children, cleaning the interiors is doubly taxing because children by nature are messy. Despite this fact, there are things you can do to keep your car tidy. One of the easiest solutions is to get an over-the-seat organiser to store everything your child needs.

However, if you want a spotless clean both in and out of your vehicle, consider taking your car to a professional.

  • Demon Detailing – A top provider of mobile car detailing and car washing in Perth, Western Australia.

2) Take immediate action when repairs and replacements are needed

A minor scratch leaves an ugly mark on the exterior of your car. If you try to sell it, this prompts the potential buyer to ask when and how your vehicle acquired the blemish. Imagine what their reaction would be if it was from years before. This immediately causes them to question how well you cared for your car.

So, if you see just a small scratch, a slight dent or any scar that can actually put off potential buyers, don't think twice about having it repaired. The same level of attentiveness should also be paid – even more – whenever there are major repairs needed.

  • Graham Bodyworks – Provides precision smash repairs in Melbourne, Australia for all types of vehicles.
  • ARC North East Binchester – Offering car body repairs, garage services, car wash, car MOTs and servicing in Bishop, Auckland.
  • – The biggest used car dealer in the North with more than a thousand cars available on site.
  • SAS Locksmiths – A leading locksmith specialist that provide a large stock of automotive keys, locks and transponder keys.

3) Pay attention to the tyres

Taking care of your car's tyres is essential in maintaining vehicle safety. How well your tyres are inflated can significantly alter its life. This is why you should regularly check on its pressure to ensure that it remains in the desired level and its tread far from premature wear. Of course, you can always seek the assistance of experts for a more reliable opinion on the state of your tyres.

  • Ashby Automotive – A team of mobile car mechanics in Newbury, Berkshire, specialising in Audi and Volkswagen cars.

4) Don't ignore the brakes

Having a car is like taking care of a child. Any change in your vehicle’s behaviour or performance should be a sign that something may be wrong. That same alertness should be applied to your car's brakes. If you notice that it's making a squeaky noise, something must be brewing, which must be checked immediately. Don't chalk it up to “just a noise” because it could be something much worse.

  • Auto Workshop – Offers garage services in London and specialises in Renault, Audi/Volkswagen and Peugeot vehicles, but also caters to other makes and models.

5) Check wipers and air filters

You might ignore windscreen wipers because they only serve their purpose during the rainy season or whenever you want to wipe off debris. However, they too have an expiry date. So, check your blades regularly and replace them when they show signs of wear or defect.

When it comes to air filters, the dirty ones affect fuel economy. So, depending on the mileage your car has accumulated, regular changing might be needed. Make sure to inspect the air filter on a regular basis to see if it needs to be changed.

By keeping these tips in mind, you are significantly boosting your car's value therefore being able to sell it for a much higher price.

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